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Gravel pit application recommended for denial; Rocky Road site visit in the works; Nutrient pathogen and development agreement extension ordinances recommended for approval

P&Z recommends denial of Blackfoot Farms CUP application for a gravel pit

Teton County P&Z considered a CUP application for Blackfoot Farms to re-open the old county gravel pit near the Chilly Waters PUD along 400 North. A representative from MD Nursery spoke in support of the project as a conveniently-located site for a gravel pit, while VARD and a dozen members of the public spoke in opposition to the gravel pit citing concerns about dust, noise, and the impacts of this industrial use on their neighborhood. The public commented that since the pit was last used in 2000, the neighborhood has become increasingly residential, and it has grown over to a point where lacks the look and feel of an industrial gravel pit. The neighbors also expressed concern that 400N is in poor shape and cannot handle the truck traffic generated by this pit.   

P&Z deliberated at length as to whether a gravel pit was compatible with the neighborhood and if the impacts of the pit could possibly be mitigated. They also considered the need for easily accessible gravel pits located throughout our valley.  Finally, in a 3:1 vote, the commissioners recommended denial of this CUP, which may now be appealed to the Board of County Commissioners. (Please note that for this vote, Dave Hensel dissented, Bruce Arnold recused himself, and Jeff Carter and Sabra Steele were not in attendance.)

P&Z will conduct a site visit of Rocky Road industrial park on September 8th

This is a great example of our hard-working P&Z stepping up to the plate to remedy what is currently a bad situation. For years, the impacts of Rocky Road have negatively affected the surrounding neighborhood of Lovers Lane subdivision. Next month, P&Z will finally conduct a site visit to assess the situation and recommend changes to lessen Rocky Road’s industrial impacts to the area. This site visit is open to the public, and all interested parties are invited to attend. We will keep you posted.

P&Z unanimously recommends approval of a new Nutrient Pathogen ordinance, and development agreement ordinance!

After months of hard work and research, P&Z unanimously recommended approval of these two ordinances that will help protect groundwater and provide rules and guidelines for granting extension requests to development proposals. The Nutrient Pathogen (NP) ordinance was crafted in cooperation with DEQ, VARD, District 7 Health, Friends of the Teton River, and County Commissioner Kathy Rinaldi. The development agreement ordinance will provide clarity and guidance to the county commissioners as they grapple with the numerous development extension requests they receive each month. Both of these ordinances are the product of our hard-working county government and their desire to remedy the mistakes of the past by implementing better ordinances today.


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