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First meeting of the Plan 4 Planning Committee

This was the first meeting of the Plan 4 Planning (P4P) committee! They discussed a general timeline for the Comp Plan process and brainstormed about the types of public input/participation they wanted to get over the next several months. All the committee members stressed the need to diversify the P4P committee to increase their effectiveness at communicating with the entire community. They also agreed that transparency and outreach in this Comp Plan is critically important to get the public truly engaged in the process. The Comp Plan must be visible throughout the community and be a presence at all major public events. A web page with all information, minutes, and schedules is an immediate necessity. The goals of this summer's outreach and publicity push are to raise public awareness about the Comp Plan, educate the public on how the process will work, solicit public input on how the Comp Plan should be organized, and keep people informed of opportunities to participate.


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