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Final plat approval of Huntsman Springs (city portion)

The city council approved the “city portion” of the Huntsman Springs Final Plat on Tuesday, March 6th.  After a thorough staff review and hard work on the part of the city P&Z staff and the developer, only four issues were brought up to the city council Tuesday evening.  The council unanimously approved the development, asking that the P&Z administrator and public works director work out the remaining issues, which include sewer line specifications, deeding wells and water rights to the city, and a utility easement.  In addition, the development agreement states that the final plat won’t be recorded until the wells are dedicated to the city.

The developers now await final approval for the “county portion” of the development from the Board of County Commissioners, as well as the drafting of a mixed use ordinance that will regulate commercial activity in the area in the “city portion” that is slated for mixed use.


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