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Driggs Rock Crushing Ordinance Tabled

At their monthly meeting, Driggs P&Z deliberated over changes they would like to make to the city-proposed ordinance that would allow for temporary rock crushing in all zones except for C1 and Central Business District. Obviously, the impacts of rock crushing in town can be substantial, but in certain situations, it might make more sense to allow for limited rock crushing on-site so that crushed materials do not have to be hauled into town from another location.

Members of the public and VARD commented on the need to develop this ordinance as a site-specific permit procedure rather than an allowed use that could be initiated at any time. This will ensure better enforcement by the city and compliance by the rock crushers. In addition, by requiring a permit with site plan and vetting through the public hearing process, there will be better control over all aspects of the rock crushing such as timing, duration, construction site management, and removal of the materials once the crushing is done.  

Opting for a site-specific permit procedure is a great decision by P&Z. Instead of having to play “catch up” on problematic crushing operations that could pop up unexpectedly, this permit procedure will ensure that all special site considerations or concerns from the neighbors are properly addressed in the form of a development agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the city and property owner.


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