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Driggs Centre; Teton Basin Ice Rink; Teton Valley Humane Society; Blue Dog Properties Extension Request

Summary of the October 27th BOCC Work Meeting

Driggs Centre discusses contribution from the county for the water line

Driggs Centre LLC originally proposed to make a number of contributions to
the community including installing a water line along the road to the edge
of the transfer station property.  However, Sean Moulton, on behalf of
Driggs Centre LLC, raised the idea of the county contributing towards some
of the costs of the water line.  One branch of the new line will serve the
county transfer station. Mr. Moulton noted the increase in the expense of
the project and that the line would be mutually beneficial to the county and
Driggs Centre. 

The Commissioners decided that research needed to be done to determine the
specific circumstances of Driggs Centre's approval and emphasized the
importance of finding the most cost effective option for the county.

Teton Basin Ice Rink is closer to completion

After 4 years of effort, the Teton Basin Ice Rink (TBIR) is one step closer
to completion.   The boards for the rink are now being purchased and TBIR is
also applying for a grant from the Idaho Land & Water Conservation Fund to
help finish off the proposed ice rink at the fair grounds. The rink will be
shared with the fair grounds, operating as an ice rink from October to May,
and the being used by the fair grounds from June through September

Teton Valley Humane Society closing

Teton Valley Humane Society is currently closed and may soon dissolve.
Roy Moulton, Board president of the Teton Valley Humane Society (“TVHS”),
announced the closure of the animal shelter and liquidation of its assets.
Mr. Moulton indicated that insufficient funding was the reason for the
closure.  At this time, 15 of the 20 acres owned by the TVHS have been sold
to PC Owens for $375,000 on a 5-year balloon contract.  Michelle O'Neil,
executive director of the TVHS noted that the shelter raised a total of
$113,000 in private donations this year, including $38,000 through the Tin
Cup Challenge. 

Mr. Moulton extended an offer to entertain proposals from an organization
with a similar “no-kill” mission statement to take over the shelter.
Members of the public were then invited to offer comments. Some of them
questioned what was happening to the funds recently raised by the
organization.  Sheriff Kim Cooke emphasized the need for a place to take
unwanted and abused animals. The County Commissioners expressed frustration
that they had just budgeted $90,0000 to train and outfit an animal control
officer (including purchasing an animal control vehicle), and now there may
be nowhere to take the animals.

The shelter is currently looking for homes for 7 dogs and 23 cats.

Blue Dog Properties extension request unanimously denied

Two years ago at the concept hearing for Rolling Knolls subdivision, the P &
Z gave the developer Blue Dog Properties approval to proceed under the
condition that 2.25 miles of road be brought up to county standards.  Since
that time, virtually no activity has taken place on this concept proposal.
The developer came before the Commissioners requesting a 1-year extension in
order to have time to improve the roads.  The Commissioners unanimously
determined that the P & Z directive on the roads had been clear and that the
developer's failure to take timely action warranted denial of the extension

Many subdivision and PUD applications flooded into the planning office back
when the real estate market was hot, and now there are an increasing number
of requests by developers to extend the two year time period which the
county gives for a project to complete the approval process.  County
ordinances give the commissioners full discretion when granting or denying
these requests. Because so many proposals have been asking for more time,
the commissioners are developing criteria for granting or denying these
extension requests.


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