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Dogwood Place Preliminary Plat Hearing

Big Fish Property presented plans for a 1.69 acre commercial subdivision with 18 structures located in Victor’s Central Business Zone. It is a t-shaped property just north of the post office that abuts both East Dogwood St. and South Main St.  The subdivision would contain a mix of 2-3 story commercial, retail, and residential units. There were three comments in favor of the proposed subdivision and none against. The Council’s main concerns had to do with the fact that the number of parking spots allotted does not meet the current ordinances. They also had questions about the location and type of sidewalks, the lighting plan, the fire marshal’s letter of support, and the access to the property. With respect to the parking issue, the city is in the process of considering reduced parking requirements in the downtown area, but has not yet changed their ordinances. They agreed to approve the subdivision with a Memorandum of Understanding that the parking spaces will conform to the parking ordinances that are in place at the time of build out.

Victor has made a concerted effort to encourage a vital, pedestrian friendly, mixed-use downtown through the new Traditional Neighborhood Design Overlay, as well as through its ordinances and discussions regarding the Victor Impact area. VARD is excited to see attractive infill like this happening in downtown Victor.


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