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Distribution of hospital levy funds; County plowing policy; Extension office offers weed control; Ice rink discussions continue

Dec 8th BOCC Work Meeting Summary

Commissioners discuss distribution of hospital levy funds.
Earlier this year, Teton County loaned Teton Valley Health Care $600,000 to help the hospital cover its debts. The money will be reimbursed this spring by the tax levy that was approved by the voters earlier this year.

County plowing policy reiterated.
In the wake of this season’s first snow storms, County engineer Louis Simonet reiterated the snow plowing policy: If there are more than 3 inches of snow accumulation on the roads in Driggs by 2:00am, the county will plow all county roads that day. 

County extension office offers weed control assistance.
Ben Eborn from the county extension office outlined the 2009 noxious weed control plan. The extension office sprays to control noxious weeds along county roads, gravel pits, and even some heavily infested subdivisions throughout the county. This year, he hopes to spray for weeds all the way down to Sleepy Hollow The extension office also offers cost sharing and herbicides to private landowners. So if you would like assistance with noxious weed management on your property, contact Ben Eborn at 354-2961.

Discussions for the Teton Basin Ice Rink are ongoing.
Representatives from Teton Basin Ice Rink (TBIR) went over a preliminary draft of the proposed lease agreement to have a seasonal ice rink at the Teton County fair grounds.  Representatives from the fair board expressed some concerns with a few provisions in the draft lease. TBIR will return with a revised draft to present to the county commissioners.


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