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Development project loan report; road concerns; landfill/transfer station proposals; P&Z update; courthouse

Development Project Loans
The East Central Idaho Planning and Development Association reported  to the board that the conditions on the loan to the Bergmeyer economic development project had been satisfied.  One of the goals of the project was to increase jobs. At the start of the project Bergmeyer had 25 jobs and at the end of the project there were 62 jobs, an increase of 37 jobs. As the $500,000 loan is repaid the money will remain in Teton Valley and will be available for other economic development projects..


Road and Bridge
Increased traffic along Pole Line Road and the dangers associated with  blind spots along that road were discussed. This type of discussion is becoming more commonplace as our roads experience more traffic due to rapid growth in the valley.


Land Fill/ Transfer Station
Three proposals were received from private firms interested in managing the new C&D pit and managing  the new composting and transfer station. The applicants are Robson Trucking, DSM, a Vermont firm, and Terra Firma. Based on the proposals, the board discussed whether there was confusion over what was being asked of the three applicants it was decided to continue this decision to the next meeting on March 26th to allow the applicants to flesh out their proposals.


P&Z Hour: Open space and densities
Planning Administrator Kurt Hibbert gave an update on the work that the P&Z has been doing. They have been working on a new density map of the valley which also will be helpful in producing a Preferred Land Use Map (PLUM). A separate group has been working on the densities and open space definitions for the north west section of the valley (“the bench”) and will present their work at the March 13th P&Z work meeting.

Commissioners Alice Stevenson and Larry Young expressed concerns about how long it would take the P&Z to accomplish all the pressing work that needs to be done. At this point in time there are 68 subdivisions/PUDs in the pipeline, totaling over 3000 lots.  In addition, the P&Z is looking at revising densities and open space requirements and working with the Victor P&Z on the Victor impact area,  Kurt expressed that he thought that there would be substantive work accomplished by the P&Z in the next two weeks. Commissioner Stevenson brought up the idea of putting an interim PUD ordinance in place to give the P&Z more time to do a complete job on all the work that they have before them but it was decided to wait and see what the P&Z comes up with in the next few weeks.

The board talked about the fact that the need to hammer out the details of their courthouse/land swap contract with Blackfoot Farms LLC as soon as possible.  They are planning on meeting with the group in an executive session on March 19th to agree on the specifics of the trade including how land for a future jail will figure into the deal. 


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