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County P&Z unanimously recommends ordinances for reviewing CUPs and replatting zombies

The County Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) unanimously recommended approval of several changes to Title 8 and 9 of the county code. First on the agenda was an ordinance for reviewing, modifying or revoking conditional use permits (CUPs). The county continually receives numerous complaints from neighbors abutting various CUPs that were issued years ago, with little consideration of their impacts to neighbors. This new ordinance will give P&Z direction on when a permit warrants review and more importantly, it establishes criteria for reviewing the actual permit. P&Z unanimously recommended approval.

P&Z then reviewed a proposed replatting ordinance that would provide processes and incentives for replatting distressed and defunct subdivisions. There are already developments in the valley that are eager to engage in the replatting process, so this ordinance is very timely. Because this is a novel approach to dealing with zombie subdivisions, P&Z had several questions and concerns as to the nuts and bolts of how such a redesign process would work, including what types of changes would be considered “substantial” or potentially warrant additional studies. Land Equity Partners and Julie Bryan submitted comments on the difficulty in obtaining a financial surety to finish these incomplete projects. P&Z recommended a few changes to address how the planning administrator should evaluate substantial versus insignificant plat changes. The ordinance was then unanimously recommended for approval.


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