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County Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Hearings

Scott Green Gravel Pit CUP review continued for more information

The situation here is quite familiar: Back in 2005, the previous administration approved a conditional use permit (CUP) for a gravel pit along 1000E just south of the county transfer station.  The residential neighbors right across the street to the west opposed this permit, citing noise, dust, and traffic concerns. In spite of this, the County approved the permit with ineffective conditions such as allowing excavation onsite from 6am-10pm, Monday through Saturday. They also required a landscaped berm to be constructed. The berm was not built until recently, and has yet to be landscaped. In addition, for several years now, the neighbors have continued to complain about the impacts of this gravel pit. Now the County Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) is conducting a review of this CUP to make specific recommendations on the hours of operation and the screening/berming requirements. The County Attorney advised P&Z that if no real on-the-ground conditions have changed on the property or in the area, the original conditions imposed back in 2005 should not be changed. And that is just the problem – the original 2005 conditions simply did not work. They did not, and still do not effectively address the impacts to the surrounding neighborhood. This frustrated P&Z and served as a reminder as to why CUPs must be conditioned so carefully. After much debate, P&Z did determine that they could require a landscaping plan for the berm. Now the permit holder Scott Green must provide this plan to the commission.

Blackfoot Estates not heard because the preliminary application was incomplete

P&Z did not hear this application because the file was too incomplete to be adequately reviewed. Requiring complete, thorough, cohesive development proposals before they are brought to hearing is a good decision.

Land use chart changes recommended for approval

After making some changes to the ordinance, P&Z unanimously recommended approval of the proposed changes to the Title 8 land use chart, which governs the zoning regulations for the unincorporated parts of the county. P&Z simplified the proposed dark skies ordinance so it was easier to interpret and enforce.  The unconstitutional flag restrictions were also removed. After much discussion, P&Z also recommended that guest homes not be allowed on parcels smaller than 1 acre. Other changes to these zoning regulations included a home occupation ordinance to encourage home businesses and a list of conditionally permitted uses. We will post these newly-proposed changes when they are ready for hearing before the Board of County Commissioners.


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