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Consultant hired for Comp Plan; Water Study; Edge proposing cell tower; Potential "Transit Oriented Development"; Housekeeping/Misc.

P&Z Consultant hired for Comp Plan udpate

The council made a motion to officially hire Jan Gallup as their consultant to work on the comprehensive plan and city ordinances.  They also made a motion for Mrs. Gallup to proceed with contacting Kurt Hibbert, the planning administrator, to start working on the maps and other areas of the comp plan revision that need coordination with the county. 

Water Study

The mayor reported that Schiess & Associates contacted the city about conducting a city water study, which would identify what Tetonia has in terms of water systems assets and future needs. Mayor Jardine said that such a study would form the basis for beginning to determine what impact development puts on the city’s water system and how developments can contribute to those costs in a fair and equitable way.  The council moved to pursue a water study, to look into the cost of  the study and possible funding.

Edge Wireless proposing cell tower on city property

The Mayor reported that he had been in conversation with a representative from Edge Wireless, which has expressed interest in placing a 100-foot cell tower next to the city’s water tank, which is 30 feet high.  According to the mayor, there is nothing in the city’s planning and zoning ordinances concerning cell towers and no building permit required so permission would be a simple decision from the council. The city would be leasing the site and therefore receiving revenue.

Council member Dee Cullum inquired whether there were neighbors nearby that would be affected and said she would also like to see what the tower would look like when constructed.  Council member Tiera Ball also said she would like to see what the revenue would be to the city. 

VARD’s Kim Billimoria commented that there had been a lot of citizen interest and concern in Victor when multiple cell towers were allowed in Pioneer Park.  She said there were many valuable lessons learned by other communities facing the same issue.  She offered to send the council a copy of the draft cell tower ordinance that VARD drafted and presented to the county and cities of Driggs and Victor last year.  The ordinance raises some issues for consideration such as requiring that towers be disguised or placed in existing structures so as not to mar the skyline and rural vistas, requiring that towers be designed for multiple users to reduce the number of towers in an area and requiring visual impact presentations so that citizens can see the visual effect of the proposed installation.

Potential “Transit Oriented Development”

Developer Bruce Simon had an informal conversation with the city council regarding some plans for land he owns along Main Street on the North West end of town.  Simon’s idea is to acquire more land in addition to the several lots he currently own and to plan the whole piece as a Transit Oriented Development, or TOD.  He said the development would be dense and oriented towards workers for the resort developments north of Tetonia, such as River Rim.   Simon said that because many of those workers are foreigners, and accustomed to public transit, he would try to get START to service a bus stop in the development, or the development could provide their own bus to connect residents to their places of work.  He is expecting to build a combination of different kinds of multi-family housing with some of it deed-restricted. 

The mayor said that it will be 2009 before the sewer project is done and until then there are not enough hook-ups to support Simon’s proposal. 


There was some discussion about the need to establish fees for providing the service of copying public records. 

With all the staff turnover there has been confusion about issuing and collecting fees on building permits. The city has issued several building permits that have not been paid for.   

The council also held two executive sessions to discuss personnel issues.

The mayor said he had hoped that one other person was going to come to the meeting who could have been appointed to the council but since they had not he suggested that the council wait until the next meeting to elect a chair and vice chair. 


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