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Comprehensive plan outreach, messaging, and goals for the summer.

With 2 new committee members on board, the P4P first discussed the timing and messaging of their outreach campaign. The Teton Area Advisory Forum (TAAF) will assist with some basic public education as to what exactly a Comprehensive Plan is and how it can benefit the community.  TAAF has already established an educational website.

The P4P then debated whether to start public outreach over the July 4th weekend even if the outreach coordinator would not likely be hired by then. In the end, they opted to do some basic outreach at the Victor and Huntsman Springs events, and ramp up their outreach throughout the rest of the summer. The immediate goal is community education and visioning. To do this, the question to ask our community is: What does Teton Valley mean to you? They will take the responses to this question and formulate a detailed public survey for later in the summer. Ultimately, the P4P will use this public feedback to craft a scope of work for the Comp Plan consultant. The P4P stressed that the outreach coordinator needed to be hired asap to pull this off. 

Larry Young was nominated as the P4P chair, and Jeff Potter was named the vice-chair. Goals for the next meeting are to develop a longer-range outreach plan and schedule an events calendar, determine how the Comp Plan committees should be structured, and to develop a community stakeholder list.


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