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Commissioners Deny Arbors Extension Request

May 10 – County Commissioners deny extension request for The Arbors

 Three years ago, The Arbors project was proposed to Victor for annexation, but Victor denied the request because it did not comport with the City’s growth plans. The project was then presented to the county for their approval instead.  The concept was a 773-unit mixed housing/commercial project along Highway 33 and 6500S.  In anticipation the difficulties obtaining a final plat approval, the project was then reduced to just the 16 acres along Highway 33 with 50,000 square feet of commercial buildings proposed down in the old county gravel pits at 6500S.  To date, the project has not progressed beyond the concept stage, and developer applied for an extension to get through the entitlement process. Because no action was taken on this project in over 18-months, the board denied this extension request. This was a good decision. The commissioners did not prolong a controversial and complicated project that had many outstanding issues and was simply not approve-able.


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