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For first time since 2008, there will be 2 women on Teton County P&Z

Feb 23: County Commissioners appoint Sarah Johnston to the County Planning & Zoning Commission

On a 2:1 split vote, Commissioners Leake and Riegel appointed local engineer Sarah Johnston fill VARD Executive Director Shawn Hill’s seat on the county Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) that was vacated in December by the prior Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  Commissioner Park dissented from Leake and Riegel, expressing his preference to appoint local attorney Roy Moulton, as had been favored by 4 of the 8 commissioners on the recently expanded P&Z commission.  Leake and Riegel cited the fact that Johnston was the recommended pick of County Planner Jason Boal.

In January, Leake and Reigel had voted 2:1 against Park to nullify the midnight appointment of Bud Surles to the P&Z by the prior BOCC, in order to open the process back up to new applicants and get a recommendation from staff and the P&Z, as outlined the county’s own policies.

With this appointment, there will now be 2 women serving on the 9-person board (for the first time since 2008) and Johnson will be the only Driggs representative (also for the first time since 2008). The remaining 7 commissioners all reside in the unincorporated county; there are no representatives from within the cities of Victor or Tetonia. 

The meeting closed with Jason Boal giving a brief presentation of the HUD grant’s Regional Plan for Sustainable Development that is now open for public review. 

BOCC Meeting to Appoint PZC

In order to help facilitate public feedback on this Regional Plan, there will be a free Open House on Thursday March 19th from 4-7pm at Victor Elementary School. 


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