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Blackfoot Farms Gravel Pit CUP Final Hearing

Board of County Commissioners Unanimously Upholds Denial Of Gravel Pit CUP

Back in July, the County Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) recommended denial of the conditional use permit (CUP) application for Blackfoot Farms to re-open the old county gravel pit by Chilly Waters PUD along 400 North. After considering written and spoken testimony from several concerned neighbors and VARD, the BOCC unanimously affirmed this decision. The commissioners determined that the gravel pit should not be re-opened because it was no longer compatible with the residential neighborhood, it would drain public services – especially road maintenance, and the pit did not comport with the Teton County Comprehensive Plan.

VARD supports this decision because the neighborhood was simply too residential to be compatible with an active gravel pit, and the applicant did not propose conditions that would reasonably buffer the affects of the pit operations. Thus, to approve this pit would have resulted in the all-too familiar situation where an industrial CUP is approved in a residential location without a plan to mitigate impacts from the use.


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