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Blackfoot Estates owes 3-years of back taxes and is not heard.

This was supposed to be a preliminary plat hearing before the County P&Z for a proposed 6-lot subdivision on 20 acres at approximately 5000S and 500E. However, just before the hearing, the county planning staff determined that 3-years of back taxes were owed on the property. Idaho tax laws require that properties 3-years in arrears will be deeded back to the county by delivery of a tax deed from the county treasurer. 

As we have reported previously, there are 438 parcels that owe 3-years of back taxes, and by the look of things, many more may be delinquent next year. The ball is now in the county treasurer’s court to take action and deliver those tax deeds to the county.  The good news is that the county is now implementing an across-the-board policy that every application to the county planning and building departments will be reviewed to ensure that all taxes current before the application will be heard. This is an equitable and fiscally responsible decision.


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