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Black Hawk Estates

Black Hawk Estates

Developer Travis Thompson presented the plat for Black Hawk Estates, a proposed 70-lot subdivision located on 40 acres at the corner of 200 West and 950 South. Topics of concern to VARD were the density at this location, and design. VARD’s Lucy Flood spoke in opposition to the development. A neighbor spoke against the development, stating that the density was too high and for the location and out of step with the surrounding neighborhood, and that the comprehensive plan should reflect the inappropriateness of this kind of development that far into the county. 

Other topics raised by the planning administrator included the fact that the currently platted park is 1.55 acres, while the required park contribution for a development of this size is 1.97 acres. The developer has offered to pay $15,000 in lieu of the park acreage. The administrator also suggested in the planning report minimum improvements to the park, which could include such items as a play structure, a tennis court or an athletic field. Additionally, the administrator suggested incorporating bike paths on the road that will become Cooper’s Hawk. The staff report also stated that the developer was committed to paving the road from State Highway 31 to 950 South.

Although the administrator’s report clearly stated that the developer was willing to pave the road and although Thompson offered during the meeting to do dust abatement, a P&Z member stated that he felt it would be a “terrible burden” on Thompson to pay for upkeep of the road. He also stated that he felt the park was fine as is and that he was unsure he supported the request for additional elements to the park, such as a tennis court. In VARD’s view, Thompson’s offer to the pave the road is exactly the kind of mitigation that is needed, and should be an easy decision since the developer has already agreed to do so.  VARD also very much supports the administrator’s assessment of the development in terms of the need for bike lanes and the importance of park mitigation. 

The P&Z debated about whether they could recommend a variance that would require street lights to be shut off at night to protect the night sky. They also discussed the need for an enforcement officer to ensure that such recommendations were followed. They further discussed dust abatement and the impact of increased traffic on neighbors. 

The P&Z made a motion to table the development so that they can further review the park requirements, lighting, bike lanes and additional mitigation for properties to the east.


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