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Black Hawk Estates preliminary plat hearing

Black Hawk Estates preliminary plat hearing
The city council conducted a hearing on the preliminary plat for Black Hawk Estates. The Black Hawk Estates proposal is for a 70-lot subdivision on 40 acres at the corner of 200 West and 950 South.  The development design reflects a traditional downtown grid system with lots ranging from 0.3-0.49 acres.  Note, however that this development is over two miles from downtown Victor.  VARD is concerned about this density and design of this development at this location, and believes that the City Council should require the developer to do a Fiscal Impact Analysis to show that this development is appropriate at this location.

The agenda for the hearing stated that it would start at 8 p.m.; however, due to the cancellation of an earlier agenda item, the Blackhawk hearing began a half hour early, which prevented some people from being able to speak. Nevertheless, several neighbors spoke against the proposed development on the grounds that it was too dense, poorly designed, and not harmonious with the surrounding landscape. Two neighbors also spoke about the night sky ordinance. The developer indicated that he could not make his development work at a lower density.

The council discussed the densities allowed by the R-1 zone to which this property has been annexed, and determined that the plat is close to the uppermost density allowed in this zone. The traffic patterns concerned at least one council member. Apparently, the ordinances prevent three way intersections of the kind drawn on the east boundary of this plat. The council discussed the importance of allowing for through-traffic to the east, suggesting that one day the property to the east would be developed and would, therefore, need connectivity. This was an interesting debate given that the neighbors to the east spoke against the development and showed no interest in developing.

The city council unanimously voted to table the plat for further discussions with the developer, Travis Thompson, and to allow time to work up a better developer’s agreement. After the city council work meeting this Thursday with the developer, they will determine whether to continue the hearing or open it up again for another preliminary plat hearing.


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