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Big Hole Fly-in appeal, 4 more subdivisions approved, Capital Improvements Plan…

Board of County Commissioner Public Hearing meeting: June 12th

Big Hole Fly-In Reserve PUD appeal
The first issue the BOCC dealt with was the appeal of the Big Hole Mountain Fly In Reserve development that the P&Z recommended to deny at the concept hearing. They appealed to the BOCC to overturn the P&Z recommendation and allow their plan to move forward. Their appeal was based on their belief that the process had not been properly followed.

The BOCC’s options were to 1) overturn the P&Z’s recommendation, 2) remand the recommendation back to the P&Z for further deliberation or 3) uphold the P&Z’s recommendation. After much discussion the BOCC moved to uphold the P&Z’s recommendation stating that the BOCC felt that the commission had followed proper procedure and had followed the County’s ordinances. They based their decision on defensible findings and facts as determined by their attorney.

New developments approved
The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to public hearings on 4 subdivisions/PUD’s totaling 114 lots on 397 acres. All proposals were passed unanimously.

Capital Improvements Plan
The BOCC worked on scheduling meetings on July 2nd to interview the two applicants, Tichler-Bise and Hoffman Associates, who submitted proposals to produce a capital improvement plan for the county.

The next regular scheduled BOCC meeting is June 25th. See county website for agenda and times (


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