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Badger Creek Fitness Center CUP; PLUM recommended for approval

P&Z recommends approval of homes-business CUP Badger Creek Fitness Center
The P&Z held a hearing on a conditional use permit (CUP) application for a fitness center that has been operating at a person's residence for the past 1.5 to 2 years.  The fitness center has a tanning bed in addition to fitness equipment and has been open 24 hours a day.

County Attorney Kathy Spitzer said she was “appalled” that no penalties were ever levied for this business operating without a CUP. She said that if the commission approved this application they would be setting a serious precedent. Both VARD and former commissioner Alice Stevenson spoke in opposition to this proposal. VARD's perspective is that the nature of this business as a commercial fitness center, at its the remote location of 96W and 1000N, is not compatible with the county comprehensive plan.  However, P&Z recommended approval of the CUP as a “personal-training home business” instead of as a “fitness center”. Their recommendation for approval came with several conditions such as limiting the size and the scope of operations.  They recommended business hours of 5AM-11PM, seven days a week. Chairman Dave Hensel was the sole vote against this CUP.

Enforcement of county ordinances is critical to the realization of organized growth and development in our valley.  This CUP is a classic example of what happens in the absence of enforcement. In this case, P&Z recommended approval for a business that has been operating illegally for over a year, when if the owner had applied for the CUP first, P&Z would never have recommended approval for a commercial fitness center in Badger Creek.

P&Z unanimously recommends approval of the PLUM
The Projected Land Use Map (PLUM) is a state-mandated planning tool for future land uses in our valley that the county has been working to create for the past year. P&Z reviewed the draft of the PLUM that is now up for review and made a few small changes in response to comments from the general public, VARD, and the Planning Administrators from Teton County, Driggs, and Victor. The PLUM will now be brought to public hearing before the BOCC.


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