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Badger Creek Fitness Center CUP granted; Milk Creek Estates approved; PLUM approved

Badger Creek Fitness Center CUP granted
The board held a hearing on a conditional use permit (CUP) application for a fitness center that has been operating at a person's residence in Badger Creek for the past 1.5 to 2 years.  The fitness center has a tanning bed in addition to fitness equipment and has been open 24 hours a day.

VARD's perspective is that the nature of this business as a commercial fitness center, at its the remote location of 96W and 1000N, is not compatible with the county comprehensive plan.  However, P&Z recommended approval of the CUP as a “personal-training home business” instead of as a “fitness center”.  The BOCC approved the CUP, with Kathy Rinaldi casting the dissenting vote.  The BOCC approved the CUP with the 14 conditions recommended by the P&Z including limiting business hours to 5AM-11PM, seven days a week.

Milk Creek Estates approved
The board unanimously approved Milk Creek Estates PUD, a 4-lot planned unit development (PUD) on 67.93 acres out by River Rim and abutting Highway 33.  The board acted on VARD’s request that the building envelopes be attached to the final plat recording to ensure that it is clear to future owners where homes should be placed.  

PLUM Approved
The board unanimously approved the Projected Land Use Map (PLUM) recommended to them by the P&Z.  This is an important step since it finally brings Teton County into compliance with the Idaho Local Land Use Planning Act (LLUPA). The PLUM will serve as a guidance document, providing the long-term vision for the direction of future land use development in our valley.  The map reflects our community’s current idea of how land uses might evolve in the future in light of the goals outlined in our county comprehensive plan.

It is important to remember that the PLUM is not a zoning map, but rather a state-mandated planning tool. A zoning map controls what types of developments may be constructed in a particular area, whereas the PLUM forecasts future development for the area. The PLUM will not affect your property’s zoning classification, and cannot be used to add or take away entitlements to your property.

When Teton County updates its Comprehensive Plan in the near future, the PLUM approved this week will be revisited. You can view the PLUM at the Teton County website.


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