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Aspen Meadows zone change remanded back to P&Z; 130 Wallace zone change approved; 75 S First Street zone change approved in part; Vacation of Driggs Gateway PUD; Victor Mountain Retreat zone change denied

Zone change request in Aspen Meadows remanded back to P&Z

This request for a zone change from ADR-0.5, Half Acre Average Density Residential to R-1 (approximately 8 units per acre) for 6 acres in the Aspen Meadows subdivision was remanded back to the P&Z by the city council.  Aspen Meadows is a subdivision located on the north side of Ski Hill Road, just after Cottonwood Corner and the Stone Ridge town homes.  The applicants argued that the density at which they are proposing to develop the parcel, at 4 dwelling units per acre, is in keeping with the densities envisioned for this area in the comprehensive plan and that much denser neighborhoods (e.g. Stoneridge and Powder Valley) surround the subdivision.  


The concern of the P&Z was that the while the type and density of development proposed by the developer would correspond with the comprehensive plan, the density of the zone they are requesting is significantly higher than what they need or what the comprehensive plan envisions for this area.  They also expressed that as a matter of process it would be better to change the zone of the whole neighborhood to something in between ADR-0.5 and R-1 rather than grant a spot zone for this 6 acres. The council expressed some of these same concerns.   They remanded the application back to the P&Z asking that the P&Z consider a zone change that would be conditional upon the development plat.  That way the city would know exactly what those 6 acres would look like should they grant the zone change. 

Neighborhood Commercial zoning at 130 E. Wallace Avenue

This zone change request was from R-1 – the typical residential zoning for town – to C-1, neighborhood commercial, which allows such uses as day care, home business, professional office and retail.  The staff report and deliberation by the council brought out the point that the zone change would conform to the comprehensive plan and provide a buffer between the CBD and R-1 zones.  The council took into account letters of concern from neighbors about C-1 uses that they felt could be incompatible with the residential neighborhood. Yet the council expressed that they thought they had enough “tools in the toolbox” in terms of design review and so forth to ensure that they could mitigate any proposed C-1 uses that would be detrimental to the neighborhood. 


Request for CBD zone at 75 S First Street  

The council considered an application for a change from C-1, Neighborhood Commercial to CBD, Central Business District zoning for a lot on the corner of First Street and Fremont as well as the adjacent lot which faces onto Fremont Avenue. The council recognized that the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map would allow CBD zoning for the property on the east side of First Street. However the adjacent lot facing onto Fremont they believed did not comply and they expressed concern about setting a precedent for CBD uses to extend down Fremont Avenue.  The council decided to deny the zone change for that lot.

The council approved the zone change for the corner lot conditional upon 1.) A Development Sketch Plan (Design Review), incorporating setbacks for all buildings of 20 feet from Fremont Avenue and 10 feet from the East parcel line of the current East parcel 2.) That the CBD change be valid only for the development shown in the approved Sketch Plan, or any development plan subsequently approved by the City of Driggs, through the Design Review process.

Vacation of Driggs Gateway PUD

The Driggs Gateway PUD is located along Highway 33 south of Driggs and across from Creekside Meadows.  Because the developer has not implemented the project as approved within the required timeframe, and declined to request an extension to do so, the city chose to vacate the PUD plat.  Because a conditional zone change to C-2, downtown commercial, for the property was written into the PUD development agreement the property is reverting to the original agricultural zoning.

Victor Mountain Retreat zone change denied

The council followed the recommendation of the P&Z to deny C-2, downtown commercial zoning, for 7.26 acres along Highway 33 north of Driggs, and south of the Subway.  This area is currently zoned R-3, multi-family residential and when it was annexed into the city the council agreed that this was the appropriate zone.  It would be in accordance with the comprehensive plan to grant a mixed-use zone, when it becomes available in early 2008.  VARD commented on this proposal pointing out that granting a C-2 zone at that location was not only would be out of compliance with the comprehensive plan but would undermine the good commercial development underway in the Driggs downtown. 


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