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Alternative truck route proves problematic; Transportation Plan approved

Truck Route
The city council tabled the proposal for an alternative truck route to get truck traffic off of Little Avenue until they can find a realistic alternative. One proposed alternative was to re-route trucks along 100 East to 200 South. However this would present a huge public safety problem because the trucks are so slow and big and it would be impossible for them to safely pull out into Highway 33 where traffic is traveling at 55 mph.  A traffic light would be needed for this option to be viable.  The other alternative, which is already designated in the transportation plan, is 5th Street and Johnson Avenue.  However, it is not being used now because of the poor condition of the road and because the 90 degree corner is very narrow and hard for a big truck to negotiate.  Johnson Avenue needs to have a minimum of 60 feet of right of way to be used regularly by trucks but currently the right of way is 45 feet.  It should be noted here that the right of way extends beyond the road pavement and includes such things as utility easements.

There was a very good discussion around this question of trucks going down Little Avenue. Public participation included local business owners and local concrete and construction contractors who use the roads through town. Several contractors indicated that if the city could get Johnson engineered and widened and they would help build it.  Another point that came out of the discussion was that the problem would be lessened if truck drivers slowed down through town and did not use their compression brakes.

Transportation Plan

There was not much discussion on the transport plan since it was well received overall. The council voted to adopt it.   


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