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84 development applications pending; Cathedral Ridge extension granted; County to run transfer station; Driggs Centre water usage negotiation.

November 24th, 2008 Board of County Commissioners Meeting Summary

The county planning office is still swamped with processing development applications.
Planning Administrator Patrick Vaile gave a report on the current workload of the planning office. To date, eight (8) new concept applications were submitted in November. This brings the current total of PUD and subdivision applications up to 84:
41  Approved concept applications
23  Approved preliminary applications
9    Final plats pending
11  Final plats approved and waiting to be recorded.
In addition to these PUD and subdivision applications, these are the other applications that are also still pending:
18    Conditional use permits pending
2    Zone changes pending
6    1-time lot splits pending
2    Boundary adjustments pending

Cathedral Ridge extension unanimously granted.
Cathedral Ridge is a 51-lot planned unit development that is proposed on 331 acres out on 800 West and 450 North. The east edge of the proposed development is about 1,000  yards from the Teton River. Because the US Army Corps of Engineers will be conducting a wetlands delineation on this property during the summer of 2009, the developer requested a 12-month extension for obtaining final plat approvals. The commissioners unanimously granted this extension until April 10, 2010.

The county opts to run the transfer station.
After carefully reviewing the proposals from Terra Firma and Owens PC, county engineer Louis Simonet recommended that county run the transfer station itself because it is the cheapest option by about 1.3 million dollars. The commissioners unanimously agreed. Terra Firma has been running the interim transfer station, and they will now draft up a transitional proposal to the county for handing over the operations to the county.

The county states its terms regarding the Driggs Centre water usage agreement.
Driggs Centre LLC originally proposed to make a number of contributions to the community including installing a water line along the road to the edge of the county transfer station property, which has been done. As previously discussed at the October 27th, commissioner work meeting, Driggs Centre has now raised the idea of the county contributing towards some of the costs of the water line. After much discussion with Driggs Centre attorney Sean Moulton, the county commissioners expressed a willingness to be treated as any other water user on the Driggs Centre water system. This means they would pay their pro-rata share of what their water usage will be, they would bring the county infrastructure up to the hub of the Driggs Centre line, and they would pay the same hookup fee as every other lot owner in the Driggs Centre development.   Mr. Moulton is going to come back to the board with a written agreement for them to review.


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