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Report from 1st public hearing on Teton County’s draft Land Use Code

Oct 5th public hearing on Teton County’s draft Land Use Code  

The hearing began at 5pm in the High School auditorium, with about 50 people in attendance. At the beginning of the hearing, Teton County Planning & Zoning Administrator Kristin Owen gave a 90 minute presentation about possible changes to be considered by the Teton County Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) in the course of their review. Many of these recommendations were in response to public comment, and Owen’s comments mainly focused on technicalities, though she did suggest the PZC consider changes to density and the wildlife protection map.

After a refreshment break, PZC Chairman Dave Hensel opened the public hearing at approximately 7pm. Prior to the hearing, a one-page list of talking points advertised with the campaign logos from local Commissioner Candidates Mark Ricks and Harley Wilcox was handed out to many in attendance. Some of the points included possible on the storage of farm equipment, placement of garages, limits on the number of livestock kept, and objections to the 75% open space requirement for full plat subdivisions. Of the 25 or so members of the public who gave testimony, the vast majority were against the new code as an infringement to property rights and read off examples listed from the campaign handout. Teton County’s Planning Administrator Kristen Owen then rebutted the public testimony by simply stating that most of the requirements mentioned in public testimony did not apply to agricultural uses or in rural zoning districts.

The PZC then closed the public hearing. They are expected to make their final deliberation and recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners on October 10th.  (Reminder: no public comment will be taken at this Oct 10th meeting.)  

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