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100 East Future Land Use Plan

100E Neighborhood Plan recommended for approval

This is a great example of community involvement in small area land use planning. With the help of the city planning staff, the residents of the 100 E area of Driggs (the land west of 100E, and along Teton Creek) have come together and crafted a neighborhood plan to protect their property values and buffer the industrial uses of the transfer station, gravel pit, and Driggs Centre Business Park located right across the street.

While generally supporting the plan, County Commissioner Kathy Rinaldi expressed concerns about ensuring the plan does not just facilitate more sprawl outside of Driggs. Because this was only the future land use plan for this neighborhood, the zoning ordinances do not yet exist. VARD emphasized the importance of carefully crafting the zoning regulations to avoid loopholes that would allow for unintended consequences such as industrial uses or extremely high-density housing that was contrary to the goals of the plan.  

The Driggs City Council will review the plan in the near future.  


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