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Why Limit the Planning Toolbox?

Newspaper: Teton Valley News & Valley Citizen

Why Limit the Planning Toolbox?
By Stacey Frisk, VARD Executive Director
Our community has been working on the new Comp Plan for the past 18 months. Hundreds of you have taken surveys, written letters, and volunteered your time to craft a community vision for Teton Valley.
Through the visioning process, you listed the top-five most important qualities that you value in Teton Valley today, and the five most important qualities you want to preserve or enhance in the future. Looking at the survey results on the county website, the community has a shared vision that values outdoor recreation, schools, rural character, affordable living and wildlife. Gazing into the future, the community came together on the goals of jobs, protection of wildlife habitat, business incentives, a rec center and lower taxes.
Finding that shared vision and common set of values is a wonderful first step. Last week, with county outreach sessions held in Tetonia, Driggs and Victor, the Comp Plan moved to the next step – implementation. We have a shared set of goals. How do we achieve those goals?
The county has posted a new survey on implementation tools at survey presents the necessary planning tools to implement the goals outlined our community’s shared vision and asks your opinion on how those tools can be used in Teton Valley. This is where the rubber meets the road. Family lot-splits, large-lot subdivisions and open space bonds are tools that provide farmers with new, valuable options for the future. Clustered development incentives, rural character protection guidelines, and rezoning options are tools to protect both wildlife and rural values. Vacating incomplete subdivisions and creating transferable development rights are tools to help unwind tangled projects and get the valley back to work. Take the survey by April 6th and support a full planning toolbox.


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