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Letter to the Editor: The Domino Effect of Sprawl

Letter to the Editor: The Domino Effect of Sprawl

The Domino Effect of Sprawl

Teton Valley News,

February 28, 2019

How does sprawl happen? It usually happens gradually, rezone by rezone, plat by plat, parcel by parcel. Though biologically suspect, the Boiling Frog Parable is certainly applicable to suburban sprawl because once suburban sprawl has happened, it’s often to late to do anything about it. That’s why it’s so important that communities invest the time into making growth and development plans – and then follow them!

With this in mind, I’d like to thank Councilors Erika Earles, August Christensen, and Ralph Mossman for their leadership in resisting commercial zoning outside of city limits. Both the north and south ends of Driggs have seen a recent uptick in rezone and annexation requests – despite the fact that there’s already over 100 acres of vacant commercial land within the Driggs city limits – and over another 150 acres zoned for light manufacturing and industrial! Sprawl happens inch by inch, so holding the line is necessary.

The Teton Valley community has a clear strategy for growth.  More than $300k has already been invested into developing land use, economic development, housing, and recreation plans for this special valley.  True civic leadership is staying the course with these plans. It’s encouraging to see these city leaders guiding us in the right direction.

-Shawn Hill

Executive Director

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development


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