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Happy Birthday!

Newspaper: Teton Valley News / Valley Citizen

Happy Birthday!!!

Teton Valley 2020, aka “The Comp Plan,” turns two years old today!  Back on May 17th, 2010, the Board of County Commissioners invited the entire community to a visioning kick-off event to begin the process of updating the county’s Comprehensive Plan.  Since then, thousands of you have participated in this tremendous community planning effort, uniting under a clear message: Our community is ready to learn from the past and forge a brighter future. 

With all the work that has gone into the new Comp Plan, it’s only natural to ask why the county needs a new Plan anyway. At the most basic level, you only need to look back at the title of the old Comp Plan to see why it needs to be updated — “A Guide for Development, 2004 – 2010.” Simply put, Idaho law requires the Plan to be current.  

Digging a little deeper, the title of the old Plan rings true to its substance. It certainly was a guide for development – explosive development! After the old Plan was adopted in 2004, the unchecked rural sprawl that proliferated across Teton Valley was all found to be in accordance with the old Plan.  While the old Plan did not singlehandedly create the 8,702 vacant lots that we have today in the rural county, it unquestionably was the foundation upon which that sprawl was born. 

It’s been a marathon two-year effort to craft this new Plan, but it’s not done yet. On May 30-31, Teton County is hosting the final Open House on the new Plan before the Planning & Zoning Commission begins its work.  Come stop by the Teton County Courthouse to review the fruits of this impressive effort and remind the planners that Teton Valley is better suited for raising wildlife than more subdivisions.

Stacey Frisk

Executive Director

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development





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