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Event: POSTPONED: Public hearing on Moose Creek Ranch expansion

POSTPONED: Public hearing on Moose Creek Ranch expansion


Tomorrow night’s Moose Creek Ranch expansion hearing has been postponed by request from the applicant/developer known as Conestoga Ranch. The public concern over this expansion proposal was significant; an incredible 53 public comment letters were submitted to Teton County regarding this project. (You can read them all here, starting on packet pg. 217. It takes a while to load!)

In their letter, Conestoga says they need more time in order to further study issues and potential development impacts to wetlands, waste water management, natural resources, and traffic. They also intend to hold a neighborhood meeting to gain input from the community and also develop a phasing plan for their proposed project. We will continue to keep you posted as this progresses.

Here is the link to our previous email with a more detailed summary of the proposed expansion of the ranch. 

Moose Creek Ranch Expansion Proposal

The hearing before the Teton County Planning & Zoning Commission will be at APPROXIMATELY 6:30PM on Tuesday August 13th. (Moose Creek is the 6th agenda item for the night, and the hearings all begin at 5PM…..) The hearing will be held on the 1st Floor of the Teton County Courthouse. Public comment is encouraged and will be take by the board that evening. 

Here are some useful links:

This is the proposed site plan for the expansion.