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Take advantage of our HOA planning & legal advisory service!

Take advantage of our HOA planning & legal advisory service!

We’ve helped 35 HOA’s to date!

Does your Home Owner Association have questions about managing:

  • Open space?
  • Community amenities?
  • Updating & enforcement of covenants?
  • Water or sewer systems?
  • Weeds?
  • Infrastructure maintenance?

We can help!  Since beginning this program in the fall of 2016, we have proudly assisted 35 local Home Owner Associations with a wide variety of challenges and issues pertaining to effective governance and management of their HOA. 

Last year the Shooting Star Ranch HOA decided to update our CCR’s to bring it in line with the changing expectations in Teton County.  At our annual meeting the Board and I quickly discovered that we needed help.  VARD and Anna Trentadue came to the rescue with a thorough knowledge of county and state ordinances that help simplify our CCR’s into language that was both legal and understandable for our HOA.  Anna’s professional expertise and amazing patience with a very slow process has kept us on-target.  These important updates would never have happened without the support of VARD.

-Randy Isaacson

Shooting Star Ranch

HOA President

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