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Summary of vacated or re-platted subdivisions


Summary of Vacated or Re-platted Subdivisions

(Updated March 30, 2015)

First, Teton County had to adopt the ordinances and procedures for re-platting distressed subdivisions. Then, they had to clarify the statutory process for vacating subdivision plats. Finally, the county had to develop an over-arching strategy behind how to best approach the problem of distressed subdivisions throughout Teton County. Some developments are “paper plats,” meaning, they have no infrastructure installed. Others are partially built with a range of infrastructure improvements installed at the development site.  Now, these tools are being implemented by Teton County to reduce the oversupply of platted lots and expunge expired development entitlements. Posted below is a summary (with links) to the developments that have been either vacated or re-platted since these procedures were formally adopted by Teton County on November 10, 2010.

TOTAL PROGRESS TO DATE: 722 lots have been eliminated from 8,748 acres.

  • 7 Subdivisions Have Been Completely Vacated.  To date, 242 lots  have been vacated from 628 acres, returning the land in these expired subdivisions back to large rural parcels.
  • 2 Developments Have Been Re-platted. The re-design of these platted developments eliminated 479 lots on 8,120 acres. 

One other plat is indefinitely pending vacation. (Details below)  


#1: Warm Creek Mwarm creek manoranor (vacated paper plat with 19 lots) 

This subdivision was platted with 19 lots on 60 acres in an area zoned Ag 2.5 just south of Victor. The County Commissioners voted unanimously to vacate this plat on August 11, 2011. Some of the originally required infrastructure, such as the fencing requested by neighboring farms, was never completed. See picture, above.


#2: Milk Creek Estates PUD (vacated paper plat with 4 lots)

This planned unit development (PUD) had 4 lots on 70 acres in an area zoned Ag 20 out beyond River Rim Ranch, over 12 miles from city services. The County Commissioners voted unanimously to vacate this plat on March 15, 2012. See picture, right.

#3: Evergreen Grove (vacated paper plat with 5 lots)

This subdivisiVacation_Noticeon was platted with 5 lots on 23 acres that were zoned Ag 2.5 along Pole Canyon Road, which is South of Victor. No subdivision infrastructure was ever installed. The County Commissioners voted unanimously to vacate this plat on May 17, 2012. See picture, left.


#4: Scenic River Estates PUD (vacated paper plat with 51 lots)

Scenic River Estates was a 51-unit PUD  on 160 acres, located about ½ mile west of the Teton RScenic_River_Estatesiver, at Bates Road and 6000W. Here is a meeting report from when it was first approved back in 2008. This area was spot-zoned Ag 2.5 in the early 2000’s, but most of the surrounding area is still Ag 20 zoning. The development agreement expired in December of 2010, and for the following 15 months, the developer submitted several very tentative re-plat designs which were rejected by the planning staff and County Commissioners. What made this plat vacation unique was the landowner objected to the County Commissioners vacating his plat. In every other instance, the landowner has either consented or not objected to his plat being vacated. Because 15 months had passed during which the landowner failed to submit a feasible re-platting proposal, the County Commissioners voted unanimously to vacate this plat on May 17, 2012.

#5: Mountain Legends PUD (vacated paper plat with 114 lots) 

Platted in 2007 with 114 lots on 197 acres at 5000N and SIMG_1680tateline Road, this was a controversial PUD even back in 2007, with at least 1 remand ordered from the Board of County Commissioners and huge public opposition at all of the public hearings held on this project. This project was platted in Ag2.5 acre zoning, but using Teton County’s  (notorious and now-repealed) PUD ordinance, this development was granted a 65% density bonus.  In 2009, the commissioners granted a 1-time only 12 and 18 month phasing extension  that gave the developer until April 4, 2012 to install the infrastructure for this development.  No lots were sold, and no infrastructure was installed. The County Commissioners voted unanimously to vacate this plat on September 13, 2012. Then in 2016, the same developer initiated proceedings to entitle Mountain Legends all over again, brining it back to life once more.

#6: Canyon Creek Ranch PUD (re-plat of a paper plat to eliminate 329 lots)  

This is a re-plat that included the elimination of 329 housing units and a commercial village from the original development plat. Canyon Creek was originally approved in early 2009 as a 350-lot ranch style resort on roughly 2,620 acres including 15 acres of commercial uses, a horse arena, anCanyonCreekRanchd lodge. Straddling Madison and Teton Counties, this development is located over 23 miles from city services. Wildlife impacts are a top concern. In July of 2011, the developer approached P&Z with a small reduction of lots in exchange for an extension until 2023, which was not well received by P&Z. The developer then asked for an extension from the County Commissioners, and was also denied. Then, on July 8, 2013 the County Commissioners unanimously approved a dramatically re-structured project which eliminated all commercial uses instead consist of only 21 large ranch parcels ranging from 43-166 acres.  Here is more information on this new design.  

#7: The Willows PUD (Vacation of a partially built development with 25 lots) 

The Willows was originally platted  in 2009 as a 25 lot PUD on 40 acres straddling  Teton Creek. One lot was sold prior to the plat being recorded, which was prohibited in both state, city, and county laws. Stalled out with almost no iThe Willowsnfrastructure built except the sewer line and berm along Ski Hill Road, the development agreement expired in June 2011. Here is an earlier meeting report from the initial replat efforts which began in June of 2011 but have not progressed beyond preliminary hearings with the City of Driggs. This project is located in the Driggs Impact Area; thus, any future re-plat of this vacated development must go through both city and county review.

#8: River Rim Ranch (re-plat of partially built development to eliminate 150 lots)

River RimRiver Rim was first designed as a 5,500 acre high-end golf course community, located at the North end of Teton County, over 12 miles from city services. After a lengthy negotiation process between Glacier Bank and Teton County that spanned over two years time, the re-plat of bank-owned property was ultimately approved by the County Commissioners on Nov 12, 2013 to eliminate 150 residential lots and increase the open space by 588 acres. As you can see from the picture, some infrastructure is already installed, while other later phases of the project have no infrastructure installed. Further complicating this re-plat proposal was the fact that 189 lots have been sold in Phases 1 and 2, and there are 16 homes built in Phase 1, which is the only completed phase of the project.  Click here to learn more about this extensive project, which, in our opinion, is the most complex and complicated distressed development in all of Teton County.

 #9: Trappers Ridge PUD – (25 lot paper plat vacated)

Platted in 2009 with 25 lots on 78 acres, this property is located in Ag20-acre zoning, over 12 miles from city services. No lots were ever sold and no infrastructure installed. One of the big issues with Trappers Ridge is that it was originally designed to tie into a shared drinking water system with neighboring Appaloosa Ridge (45 lots on 157 acres) and West Ridge Ranch (120 lots on 332 acres). This community water system was the original basis for Teton County approving 600-1,000% (not a typo) housing density bonuses for all three of these developments. Although a total of 123 lots have been sold in Appaloosa Ridge and West Ridge Ranch, and there are 6 houses already constructed in West Ridge Ranch, the water system shared between these three residential developments can only accommodate a total of 25 homes – which raises serious questions about the carrying capacity of the land in this remote location. Thus, Teton County issued a cease and desist order on issuing certificates of occupancy until the water system is expanded to assure enough water for all of the platted lots within these developments. Our organization supported  this plat vacation, and so did the developer of Trapper’s Ridge. In an email addressed to County Planning Administrator Jason Boal, the owners stated “given the current glut of home sites in the area, we believe it would serve no useful purpose for the community to add to the existing stock, and it would likely yield a poor return for the owners.”  This confirms VARD’s long held position that the oversupply of lots is bad for property owners because it depresses the real estate market and degrades Teton Valley’s unique character.  This plat was vacated March 9, 2015.

Trappers Ridge


Pending Subdivision Vacations:

(soon-to-be-vacated subdivision plats)

Ridgeline Ranch PUD

Approved in 2009 with 56 lots and a clubhouse on 156 acres located over 16 miles from city services. This is another paper plat with no lots sold. The development agreement with Teton County expired on Oct 31, 2012, and there is no financial surety in place. Ridgeline Ranch has not yet been formally scheduled for plat vacation, but will likely be put on the County Commissioners’ agenda some time in the spring of 2013. In addition, the property was foreclosed and posted for a Sheriff’s sale on November 21, 2012.


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