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What Happened? On Monday, September 9, 2013 during the Commissioners’ Morning Open Mic session, VARD program director ARecPlan4nna Trentadue asked the County Commissioners for transparency in Mr. Loosli’s code writing work for the County. As it turns out, only Commissioner Kunz knows what Mr. Loosli’s work entails – but yet, he still keeps getting paid from public funds…..

Here is an Excerpt From This Discussion:

Anna:  OK. So you have this contract with a contractor [Mr. Loosli] and you’ve been paying him since April but you can’t explain what he’s working on.

Chairman Park: Not – um – I – I’m not prepared to explain that right now.

Anna: Do you need commissioner Kunz?

Chairman Park: Yeah.

Anna: Commissioner Rinaldi?

Commissioner Rinaldi: I have no idea. All I know, the most I know about what he is working on is through his invoices.

Please click this link to listen to the entire dialogue. Go to minute 23:30, which is where it begins.


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