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A preview of the new County Development Code


Last Wednesday, "special planning projects" contractor Stephen Loosli submitted a memorandum to the County Commissioners where he states that he is, in fact, now drafting an entirely new zoning and development code for the Teton County (this was supposed to be the work of Code studio, and paid for by the HUD grant.)
Here's a taste of what is coming with his new code:
  • Mr. Loosli's memo states that in his opinion, the scenic corridor, wetlands, floodplain, hillside protection, and natural resources overlays are not allowed under Idaho law and should be eliminated
  • He suggests maximum housing densities in the rural county of 60units/100 acres. This is a 300% increase over the highest PUD density allowed in the AG 20 zone.
  • He also says his draft of the new code will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission by Oct or Nov. That's stunningly fast for such an important undertaking – and with NO public input on this draft.
Please note: One hot button issue in Loosli's latest memo is his recommendation that Teton County eliminate its wildlife protection ordinances because that is the responsibility of Idaho Fish & Game. However, this opinion 100% directly conflicts with clearly stated position of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game:   
The existing Teton County Development Code,relative to natural resource and habitat protection elements is adequate for the Department to fulfill its statutory mission to preserve, protect, perpetuate, and manage all fish and wildlife resources found in Teton County. We do not see a need to rewrite aspects of Title 8 and Title 9 that speak to wildlife protection.


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